The Smith County Health Council would like to invite community members, business leaders, county officials and any other individuals interested in improving health in Smith County to their next meeting scheduled for noon on Monday, May 21, 2018, at the Smith County Chamber of Commerce. 

With the mission of improving availability, accessibility and affordability of quality healthcare in Smith County, the health council provides an opportunity for all citizens to have a voice in identifying local health concerns and a role in addressing those issues.  Materials covered include current health initiatives in the county, as well as connecting residents with local resources.

Membership to the council is completely free, and the council is eager to see new faces.  Meetings occur on a quarterly basis and typically last around an hour.  Lunch is provided.

If you or some you know is interested in learning more about the health council or plan on attending the next meeting, please contact the Smith County Health Department at 615-735-0242.