Sara Beth Urban – Dept. of Tourist Development, Susan McMahon – legislative liaison, Jody, Sliger – Department of Economic and Community Development, Jaquelyn Scott – Councilwoman, Matt Watts – Councilman, Jerry Warren – Warren and Associates Engineering, Barbara Kanappel – councilwoman, Dawn Kupferer – Kwill Consultants, Donnie Dennis – Carthage Mayor, Terri Lynn Weaver – State Representative

The Town of Carthage is the recipient of a State of Tennessee Tourism Enhancement grant of $55,147 to assist in constructing an amphitheater at that Town Park Complex. The total project will cost approximately $78,210 and include a covered stage of city sponsored events and community activities.

Each year thousands of visitors flock to Smith County to enjoy the many water sports and recreational activities that are offered at the multiple sites. Carthage is a getaway to many of these destinations, and a public venue to feature events is needed to expand the cultural and social opportunities.

“An amphitheater has been needed for many years and I am pleased that our partnership with the Department of Tourist Development will provide opportunities for our community”, Carthage Mayor Donnie Dennis explains.

“By expanding the recreational and cultural opportunities to include an amphitheater and parenting with multiple businesses and agencies to promote unified vision and message, we believe we can attract more tourist to Carthage. The plan is the unifying component in the developing communities tourism assets in a strategic and sustainable manner. The collaborative vision that has been developed for this project incorporates the recreational and cultural assets of the area”, according to Mayor Dennis.

The Tourism Enhancement Grant, funded by the Rural Economic Opportunity Act of 2016, in partnership between the Department of Economic and Community Development and the Department of Tourists Development. “Assisting a partner in shoring up a tourism asset is critical to rural areas,” Commissioner Kevin Triplett, Tennessee Department of Development said. “Tourism development is economic development and in some rural areas, tourism is a main industry. We appreciate our partnership with TNECD and the willingness that team has to invest in upgrades that not only increase opportunities of visitation but enhance the quality of life for the citizens of these communities.”