Bryon Ray Gibbs

Another jail escapee is back in custody thanks to an alert Alexandria Police Officer and a few citizen bystanders. The Smith County Sheriff’s Department was also called for backup, but the Alexandria Police were able to apprehend the fugitive before the could arrive on scene.

32 year old Bryon Ray Gibbs of 200 Gin Alley, Alexandria was taken into custody Saturday afternoon by Alexandria Police Officer Josh Arnold but the arrest didn’t come easy. After being confronted, Gibbs resisted and began fighting with Arnold. Citizens who witnessed the scene came to the aid of the officer to help subdue Gibbs. Deputies and detectives of the Sheriff’s Department also responded to provide assistance.

The incident occurred at around 12:55 p.m. Saturday, according to Alexandria Police Chief Chris Russell.

“Alexandria Police Officer Josh Arnold was patrolling on Edgewood Street when he observed a male subject run into the middle of the street. Officer Arnold recognized the male as Bryon Ray Gibbs, a recent escapee from the DeKalb County Jail. Officer Arnold got out of his patrol vehicle and ordered Gibbs to the ground. While attempting to place handcuffs on Gibbs he disobeyed the officers commands and began to resist arrest. Gibbs continued to resist arrest by fighting with Officer Arnold. Several citizens observed the incident and offered assistance. With the help of the bystanders, Gibbs was handcuffed and placed into custody. DeKalb County Sheriff’s Deputies and detectives responded to provide assistance,” said Chief Russell.

Gibbs was charged by Alexandria Police with resisting arrest and aggravated assault.

“I would like to thank the citizens who assisted by placing themselves in danger to help in the apprehension of Gibbs,” said Chief Russell.

According to DeKalb County Sheriff, Patrick Ray, detectives and officers with the DeKalb County Sheriff’s department and officers with the Alexandria police department had been working throughout the previous night planning Gibbs’ apprehension after receiving information that he was in the Alexandria area.

Sheriff Ray said he wishes to thank Alexandria Police Chief Russell and Officer Arnold for all of their assistance.

Gibbs is back in the DeKalb County Jail and has been charged by the Sheriff’s Department with escape.

Gibbs is one of three inmates who broke out of the jail annex Tuesday night. He, 38 year old Jack Mullican, Jr., and 26 year old Daniel Trey Hamilton, escaped from the back of the jail annex through a door they jimmied open.

Mullican was captured Wednesday morning after being found in an underground water drain near Mapco Express. He became trapped there after making his escape.

Hamilton remains at large.

Please contact Central Dispatch at 615-215-3000 or the DeKalb County Sheriff’s Department 615-597-4935 if you have any information on Hamilton’s whereabouts