On Tuesday, February 6, the Smith County Board of Education held a work session to discuss potential locations for new school facilities in Gordonsville. The board discussed the pros and cons of both the Preston Property and the Rose Property. The biggest topic in the discussion was the cost of getting each property equipped with utilities, such as water, sewer, natural gas, and electricity. At this time, the exact amount to get each property equipped with adequate utilities is unknown. One of the biggest expenses discussed was getting sewer service to the Rose Property. (Watch the full meeting above)

The board is scheduled to make a decision on which property they choose at their next stated board meeting, scheduled for February 20, 2018 at 5pm.

20.86 acre property in Gordonsville, TN, owned by John Rose.

The Rose Property is located south of Cornerstone Restaurant on Highway 264 (Hickman Highway). The Rose Property also connects to Highway 141 (New Middleton Highway) between Wilson Bank and Living Waters Ministries Church. John Rose offered to donate the property to the Smith County Board of Education for the purpose of building a new full campus High School. Rose stated that the only contingency for accepting the property is that it must be used for the construction of a new full campus high school and that plans should start being developed within one year.

27.81 acre property in Gordonsville, TN owned by the Preston Family.

The Preston Property is located on the east end of Gordonsville at the intersection of Main Street and Trousdale Ferry Pike. The property’s north and south borders are parallel to I-40 and the Nashville & Eastern railroad tracks. The total cost of the Preston Property is $500,000 minus $8,000 already paid to the owners in the option agreement, making the final total $492,000. The option agreement on the Preston Property was made on June 20, 2017. As of December 20, 2017 the option agreement expired, but the board opted to renew the option for an additional 90 days. The option is scheduled to expire on March 19, 2018.

Which property should the Smith County Board of Education choose for a new school facility in Gordonsville, the Preston Property or the Rose Property?

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