UCEMC Cares Seeks Local Charities and Programs to Apply for Funding

July 22, 2021

What is UCEMC Cares? It is a voluntary program that operates from the same cooperative principle, “Concern for the Community.” UCEMC Cares, Inc. is a state-chartered, nonprofit corporation separate from Upper Cumberland Electric Membership Corporation (UCEMC).

A volunteer board of directors reviews applications and awards grants. Contributions from members, who choose to opt- n and round up their monthly electric bill to the nearest dollar, are disbursed to charitable organizations for programs and services that benefit the communities UCEMC serves. All funds remain in the UCEMC service area, and UCEMC collects no administration or management fees. None of the money collected goes for political purposes or to pay electric bills. Instead, every penny shared makes lives better in our communities. Every penny you give makes a difference!

UCEMC members may opt-in to the tax-deductible program and round up their bill to the next dollar. UCEMC Cares, Inc. will use this spare change to assist qualified organizations and causes. The finds raised from the UCEMC Cares program will have long-lasting, positive impacts on our communities.

The UCEMC Cares funds go back into the communities that UCEMC serves in grants to qualifying organizations serving our members’ health, safety, civic and educational needs.

Charitable organizations serving the UCEMC service area with health, safety, civic, or educational needs can apply for a grant. The organization does not have to be a 501c3.

To apply for a grant download the application at ucemc.com, submit the application via the instructions and return. https://www.ucemc.com/ucemc-cares

Pennies wont go far, but when combined with spare change from almost 51,000 other UCEMC members that money can change a lot! Sign- up to round-up today.