Smith County Healthcare Hero: Clayton Anstis

June 1, 2021
Clayton Anstis

Clayton Anstis was nominated anonymously as a Smith County Healthcare Hero. After reading about him, we agree that he is in fact a hero. The individual that nominated him has worked with him for years.

He started in the medical field as a janitor many years ago and worked his way through school until he landed a position as an air medic for Vanderbilt in Nashville. Name it, and he has probably done it!

The individual that nominated him stated: ” He is the most professional caregiver I have ever known. The reason I feel he should be a Smith County Healthcare Hero is because he is a CPR instructor among many other things. He has probably taught CPR to hundreds of people, if not thousands in Carthage and surrounding areas. He doesn’t believe in shortcuts. He is very skilled, knowledgable, professional, and 100% thorough.”

It takes people like this to keep the world moving. He is a great example of what it means to be nominated as a healthcare hero.

Thank you Clayton Anstis!