Lori Christensen from the Cannon Arts Dance Studio in Woodbury and Smithville will return as the “Black Widow” Elizabeth Dale as she continues to look for husbands on the hay wagons. The story goes that she kept a hat from each husband after his death. Here she is placing a hat on prospective husband, Ron Davies of Woodbury.

Reservations are now open for the 14th History Hayride at Edgar Evins State Park on Oct. 12, 2019!

The reservation link is accessible through the website www.foeesp.com under the Events tab, or at www.foeesp.com/history-hayride. It may also be accessed through the Facebook Page for Friends of Edgar Evins State Park. 

The cost is $15 per person, as in past years. 

If help is needed, please call the park office at (931) 646-3080 or 1-800-250-8619 to obtain contact information for a designated member of the Friends of Edgar Evins State Park.

Ten wagons will leave from the office at 30-minute intervals from 1:30 P.M. to 6:00 P.M. to begin a 2.5 hour circuit through the park. At multiple stops costumed characters will relate stories pertaining to people and events that occurred in and around the park.

Holly Taylor, Assistant State naturalist, stars as a Paleo Indian woman in the History Hayride.

This is a fundraising event for the Friends of Edgar Evins State Park, an all-volunteer organization dedicated to helping the park. Information about joining is also on the website at www.foeesp.com.

The event is staffed by volunteers with the assistance of park personnel.

If you wish to make this an overnight or weekend outing there are cabins and campgrounds in the park. Inquire about these at the park office, (931) 646-3080 or 1-800-250-8619. 

The History Hayride is in its 14th year due to its overwhelming popularity. Some patrons return every few years, some return every year! Characters or performers are changed a bit from year to year to keep it fresh.