by Rachel Petty

Izzy Massey and her mother Jana Gregory Massey

In front of the camera, Izzy Massey has a dazzling smile. Behind the camera, Izzy’s vision comes to life. 

Izzy’s subjects range from animals and plants to architectural landmarks and picturesque landscapes, all captured with a clear creative eye.

Izzy likes to photograph her subjects just as they are. In other words, she captures what is… what she and her family call the “IS-Ness” of each moment.

Izzy was born with a developmental delay, but she is finding ability in disability! Although Izzy sometimes struggles to express herself through language, photography allows her to interact with and express the beauty of her surroundings.

Izzy’s photographs speak loud and clear.

“Izzy shares her world so beautifully this way with the message of hope and possibility,” her mother Jana says. “It has taught me that everyone has limitations, a journey, that everyone has an IS-Ness. What is can be uncomfortable and scary at times, but it offers a reminder of the very tenderness of what it means to be human.”

Izzy lives with her family in the Chattanooga area, but her mother’s ties to Smith County run deep. 

Earlier this year, Izzy traveled around Smith County, capturing various scenes from the quaint, rolling farmland in Pleasant Shade to the bustle of life in downtown Carthage. 

Of course, Izzy didn’t leave out Gordonsville, Riddleton, Hickman, and all the places in between!

Izzy’s “Smith County Series” can be viewed in full on social media. 

Izzy’s pop-up show at Gordonsville Drugs last month.

Last month, Izzy did pop-up shows in the area at Gordonsville Drugs and Lebanon Antique Mall, with more planned in the future.  

Izzy’s photographs are available for purchase on notecards and in canvas prints of various sizes.

To learn more about Izzy and see her latest work, follow Find Your IS-Ness on Facebook and Instagram.