News Update: Dead Fish Found in Hickman Creek Near Alexandria Prompts Investigation by Environment Officials

September 9, 2021

Federal, State and Local officials are continuing to advise the public to avoid fishing or wading in Hickman Creek, also to use an alternate source for watering animals until further notice. The affected area of Hickman Creek is from Edgewood Street in Alexandria approximately 1 ½ mile downstream to the Hwy 53 bridge.

Last week the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency discovered an unknown substance seeping into Hickman creek, they suspect this substance is what contributed to the dead fish in that area.The EPA contractors traced the unknown seepage away from the creek bank then dug a sump to contain and intercept the substance before it could enter the creek. A sump pump was installed to bring the substance to the surface to be stored in an above ground FRAC tanks until it can be positively identified and then properly disposed of.

 Although a few of the initial lab samples and test have returned, officials are still awaiting confirmed lab results to determine the exact composition of all the substance in question and how it will be disposed of.  

As a continued precaution until further notice officials are still asking the public to avoid the creek in the affected areas with no wading or fishing in the creek.  

Representatives that have been on site include The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), EPA contractors, The Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation (TDEC), The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency (TWRA), Tennessee Emergency Management Agency (TEMA), Dekalb County Emergency Management, and the Town of Alexandria and its representatives.