Local teen chosen to be on¨America’s Team¨ for a volleyball tournament in Spain

March 11, 2023

One local Smith County teenager will have the opportunity of a lifetime. Daycee Bane is a senior at Gordonsville High School and has been chosen as one of ten girls in her age group across the nation to compete in volleyball as a part of ¨America’s team.¨ The team will travel to Spain for nine days in a tournament with many other countries. If you would like to support Daycee in her adventure to Spain, click the button below.

Daycee is not just an extremely talented volleyball player. Daycee has an extraordinary  transcript of accomplishments that are listed below:

  • Accepted into an Early Admissions College Program
  • 3.76 GPA- honors student
  • Will graduate high school with 36 college credits (over half of an associates degree completed)
  • Accepted into 12 colleges/universities (so far) including RIT (a prestigious school in upstate New York)
  • Has played multiple sports: travel softball, GHS softball, club volleyball, GHS volleyball
  • Received the following accolades: all-tournament player, first-team all-district player, all-academic player 
  • Offered volleyball and merit-based scholarships

On top of all of the above, Daycee also works two jobs at Sonic and Dollar General respectively.

Daycee intends to pursue a career in forensic psychology and work in a sex crimes unit. She hopes to rescue and help women and children that have been trafficked. She also has many hobbies including training her k9 dog, reading, swimming, hiking, giving volleyball and softball lessons, and hanging out with friends/boyfriend. Her mom is her biggest inspiration to work hard and achieve her dreams. 

If you would like to help make Daycees’ dream come true please consider donating to the link below. There is no fee for giving and there is not a percent held back; anything contributed goes straight to her once-of-a-lifetime trip.