Members of the Sykes community are proudly displaying crosses in their yard to celebrate the Christmas season and spread Christmas joy as part of the “aCROSS Sykes” Community Cross Lighting Project.

In recent days, many crosses have appeared in the nighttime landscape for all to see as they drive through Sykes, Tennessee. 24 crosses can currently be counted on the drive from Hickman to Brush Creek.

All members of the Sykes community are encouraged to display crosses in their yards, and everyone is invited to take a leisurely drive through the area to enjoy the Christmas lights.

Judging of the cross displays will take place on December 14, and the winner will receive a $50 Visa card. For more information, contact Robin Underwood at (615) 489-5921.

All crosses will be on display through December 25.

“I hope as people travel through our little community during this Christmas season we are reminded of the Greatest Gift Ever. From the manger to the cross the communities of Sykes, Hickman and Brush Creek celebrate the birth of our Savior—Jesus Christ,” said event organizer Robin Underwood.

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