The 13th Annual Chad’s Run was held at 9:00 a.m. on Saturday, November 2, 2019, and many members of the community braved the chilly weather to support a great cause.

Each year, members of the Smith County community gather to support Chad Hunter, a former Gordonsville High School student and football player who was involved in an automobile accident on February 14, 2004. 

During the accident, Chad sustained a brain injury that left him requiring around-the-clock care. This care is provided by his mother, Maxine Hunter.

The proceeds from Chad’s Run go directly to the Chad Hunter Trust. The mission of the Chad Hunter Trust is to provide financial support for Chad’s continued care and his needs as they arise. 

Chad’s Run also awards scholarships to a senior at Gordonsville High School and a senior at Smith County High School each year. This scholarship is awarded to deserving students who wish to pursue a career in the medial field.

Following Saturday’s run, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place awards were given in each category. 

The winners are as follows: 

10 & Under – Female 

  1. Paisley Underwood
  2. Courtney Haley
  3. Skylar Underwood

Paisley Underwood, Courtney Haley, and Skylar Underwood

11-15 Female

  1. Lily Manor
  2. Lucy Manor
  3. Justice Scruggs

Lily Manor, Lucy Manor, and Justice Scruggs

11-15 Male

  1. Matt Sinclair
  2. Gavin Huddleston
  3. Tanner Pierson

Matt Sinclair and Gavin Huddleston

16-20 Female

  1. Trinity Potts
  2. Brianna Ingram
  3. Annabelle Agee

Brianna Ingram and Annabelle Agee

16-20 Male

  1. Matthew Jones
  2. Seth Manor
  3. Justin Key

Matthew Jones, Seth Manor, and Justin Key

21-25 Female

1. Rachel Petty

Rachel Petty

21-25 Male

  1. Noah McClanahan
  2. Kevin Webb

Noah McClanahan and Kevin Webb

26-30 Female

  1. Brittany Watson (Not Pictured)

31-35 Female

  1. Jamie Sommerville
  2. Kristen Malone

Jamie Sommerville

31-35 Male

  1. Ryan Henry 
  2. Cory Haeuptle 
  3. Billy Goodman

Ryan Henry, Cory Haeuptle, and Billy Goodman

36-40 Female

  1. Karla Morris
  2. Larissa Miller
  3. Mindy Pierson

36-40 Male

  1. Drew Apple
  2. Jeremiah Pierson
  3. Dennis Croslin

Drew Apple and Dennis Croslin

41-45 Female

  1. Andrea Armstrong
  2. Bonnie Grandstaff
  3. Samantha Hutcherson

Andrea Armstrong and Bonnie Grandstaff

46-50 Female

  1. Della Carter
  2. Regina Wright
  3. Pam McClanahan

Regina Wright and Pam McClanahan

46-50 Male

  1. Steven Lish
  2. Chris Agee

Steven Lish and Chris Agee

51-55 Female

  1. Pat Willoughby
  2. Angela Mason
  3. Kim Givens

Pat Willoughby and Angela Mason

Angela Mason and Kim Givens

51-55 Male

  1. Michael Manor
  2. Eric Rawnsley

Michael Manor

56-60 Female

  1. Pam Sandoval
  2. Pam Andrews
  3. Jenny Smith

56-50 Male

  1. Jackie Dawson
  2. Deon Monti
  3. Mark Webster

Jackie Dawson, Mark Webster, and Deon Monti

61-65 Female

  1. Jo Moorehead
  2. Letha Nesbitt
  3. Candice Medley

Letha Nesbitt and Candice Medley

61-65 Male

  1. Paul Armistead

Paul Armistead

66-70 Female

  1. Kathie Towne (Not Pictured)

66-70 Male

  1. Ricky Nesbitt
  2. Jerry Woodard
  3. Tommy Lichford

Ricky Nesbitt, Jerry Woodard, and Tommy Lichford

71 & Older Female

  1. Barbara Hutson
  2. Sherrill Young

Barbara Hutson

71 & Older Male

  1. James Hutson

James Hutson

Wheelchair Category

  1. Luke Solomine

Luke Solomine

Female Overall 

  1. Lily Manor
  2. Andrea Armstrong
  3. Bonnie Grandstaff

Lily Manor, Andrea Armstrong, and Bonnie Grandstaff

Male Overall

  1. Matthew Sinclair
  2. Jackie Dawson
  3. Matthew Jones

Matthew Sinclair, Jackie Dawson, and Matthew Jones

Congratulations to all who participated in this year’s Chad’s Run!